We charge $20/hr for all work. We don't use pricing packages or have huge price jumps for extra pages and content. Before we begin work you will receive a custom project quote for your individual project. 

 A "basic" website with no frills can cost around $400 + hosting cost. That is just an estimate and the price of your actual project will vary depending on your needs. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have and give you a better estimate over the phone so call me (Hannah Haas) at 210-386-0990 and we can discuss your project. 


Hosting Cost

Double H Web Design has experience working with a variety of hosting companies. If you've already purchased your domain name and hosting with the company of your choice we are flexible and ready to work with you. 

If you haven't purchased your domain or hosting yet we will recommend a hosting company and have you purchase your own hosting and send us the username and password. This allows you complete flexibility in your website so you have all of the control and passwords in the future.

If that sounds too complicated to you we have two other options:

  1. We will purchase the domain & hosting in your name and bill you for it at cost with a small fee for our time.
  2. We can host your website through our purchased hosting plan. We maintain control of the website domain and passwords since it is under our account but you never have to worry about your domain name or hosting expiring and this can usually be done at a reduced cost compared to buying your own hosting plan.